Mandavya Sara Tantra Initiation Camp, 23,24 Feb 2019

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If you are starting in the path of spiritualism and be have taken a plunge into this infinite infinite ocean, if you are thinking to take the journey towards the infinite and then after finishing it all, you for sure shall hear about “Kaulantak Peeth” because this is the path established by Lord Shiva himself and preserved by the Siddhas. So how do you get started? Our free online course will help you in this endeavour. If you find the course helpful then please also join the second course to take yourselves forward.

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To be strong in the ocean of spiritualism and your life be filled with positive energy, mental wellbeing, health, you can choose our online course. Different courses shall provide you new energies and new experiences. We request you all to first participate and complete our free course and then join the paid course


Spiritual Blogs by Bhairavs and Bhairavis BY Disciples of Kaulantak Peeth



Your mini hand book to understand Kaulantak Peeth

There are numerous traditions and rituals in Kaulantak Peeth and rules too. If one doesn’t know these rules then you would never be able to understand Kaulantak Peeth. That is for the reason, Guruma Priya Bhairavi has compiled this small book so that it becomes easy to understand for new sadhaks who are interested in Ishputra and his tradition. We hope this book shall help you in every steps and also hope this book shall turn out to be your guide. This book is available for free download for all and is also authorized by His Holiness Ishputra.


One who is complete and experiencer of the ultimate truth, indifferent to both maya and liberation, one who realizes himself as Shiva, being unfettered from the cycles of birth and death, one who is still in inner illuminance, non desirous karma yogi in the unending flow of time is the Siddha.


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