Pratyangira Deeksha Camp, 25 & 26 May 2019, Satara, Maharashtra

The fees for seven days residential certification course offered by International Kaulantak Siddha Vidya Peeth is INR 75,000 per student. It is great blessing for students that Kaulantak Peeth under the compassionate guidance of HH Maha Siddha Ishaputra is bearing the cost for all students. The nominal fee for the course covering course material, food, lodging and other arrangements is reduced to only INR 35,000 per person. Rest of the fee is sponsored by Kaulantak Peeth Himalaya to promote Siddha Dharma tradition.

UpComing Initiation Camps

Maha Yogmaya Deeksha

27 & 28 April 2019, Pune, Maharashtra

Pratyangira Deeksha

25 & 26 May 2019, Pune, Maharashtra

Kapalika Tantra 7 Days Course

23 to 29 June 2019, Pune, Maharashtra

Hevajra Tantra Deeksha

27 & 28 July 2019, Pune, Maharashtra

Aishwarya Mahalakxmi Deeksha

29 & 30 Aug 2019, Pune, Maharashtra

Kaala Raatri Deeksha

26 & 27 Oct 2019, Pune, Maharashtra

Matrika Rahasya Deeksha

28 & 29 Nov 2019, Pune, Maharashtra

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra 7 Days Course

21 to 27 Dec 2019, Pune, Maharashtra


Spiritual Blogs by Bhairavs and Bhairavis BY Disciples of Kaulantak Peeth



Your mini hand book to understand Kaulantak Peeth

There are numerous traditions and rituals in Kaulantak Peeth and rules too. If one doesn’t know these rules then you would never be able to understand Kaulantak Peeth. That is for the reason, Guruma Priya Bhairavi has compiled this small book so that it becomes easy to understand for new sadhaks who are interested in Ishputra and his tradition. We hope this book shall help you in every steps and also hope this book shall turn out to be your guide. This book is available for free download for all and is also authorized by His Holiness Ishputra.


One who is complete and experiencer of the ultimate truth, indifferent to both maya and liberation, one who realizes himself as Shiva, being unfettered from the cycles of birth and death, one who is still in inner illuminance, non desirous karma yogi in the unending flow of time is the Siddha.


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