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“Kaulantak Peeth Himalaya” is very concerned and sensible towards every individual who want to connet with the peeth but others they have nothing to do with you. That is for the reason, one should always keep in mind that they should only make the call to the phone numbers given by the Peeth. Whoever Bhairava and Bhairavi asks you to call on their private number then please remember that is not the official or unofficial contact number of the Peeth. By this accord, if you become victim of any fraud and deceit then we wouldn’t be able to help you. Please also keep in mind, from time to time those Bhairava and Bhairavi who are ineligible and who makes mistakes, their service of handling the phone are barred. If you are still in contact with those person who have been barred, it would also mean that you are not in the official contact of the Peeth.

That is for reason, please only contact the authorized Bhairava and Bhairavi’s always. Please also talk with love and respect with the representatives of the peeth because they are working voluntarily and they are working with the service mentality. At times when our Bhairava and Bhairavi are busy at performing the Peeth’s service they might not be able to answer the phone, still one should keep patience and then make a call after a short while. Please also bear in mind that we are not compelled to receive and answer the phone of every individual. Only those individual who are as per our rules and the representatives will only be given the guidance. If individuals who wishes to offer anything for the service of the Peeth, they should also make sure that it reaches the right hands. We have been informed that some people are conducting the business of mantra and yantra in the name of the Peeth. We don’t conduct such actions and we would also not like to keep you in the dark. We believe in Guru Service and in embracing the truth.

Therefore, if any person deceives you it is not acceptable for us. Please be cautious. – Kaulantak Peeth Team – Himalaya.

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