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Pitri is the remnants of our ancestors after they have been deceased. Based on our tradition, we believe that the soul doesn’t die but only the body dies. Just as when we were in our mother’s womb, we had a different form then we have right now. We didn’t have any sense of the word ‘I’ but still we existed and similarly we won’t cease to exist after our death. The physical body after our death is destroyed but the very essence of the body doesn’t die. Just like the body in the womb was different to the body that we have right now, similarly the body will also be different then the physical body. The Geeta (2:32) says: श दह व । न दय न षय ।।२३।। The above line translates as ‘The soul cannot be slain nor be destroyed by fire, nor be decomposed by water nor be dried by the wind.’ So we do not die as we are soul, only our body changes the form. The Pitri are the ancestors who have become deceased but have not taken any human body. They are also in the transition phase or their transition phases have become elongated due to some known or unknown karma’s. They are in the transition phase because of their karmas or overtly attachment to their family members and they have not been able to be born into another body or ascend into heavenly planets. Pitri’s are considered as gods or demigods because they protect and guide their lineages for their betterment. They are the caretakers of the lineages therefore when they are angry with their descendants; they apply sanctions so that the descendants are guided to the right path. This is called Pitri dosha in the modern day. This is the reason the descendants of the pitri are very scared of them because if the Pitri becomes angry, the lineage suffers and if they are happy, it ensures prosperity in the lineages. Pitri is just not worshipped for material prosperity but also for spiritual prosperity. Through their blessings they guide their descendents to spiritual path so that their descendents lead a spiritual life and in turn also liberate the Pitri’s from the sansara. The liberation of the Pitri is beneficial to us to relieve ourselves from the burden of Pitri’s legitimate expectation and also to correct our own path to achieve the perfection in life. There is an illustration of Raja Sagara being cursed by Mahasiddha Kapila Muni. He cursed Raja Sagar and his 60,000 sons who were once killed and King Bhagiratha meditated for 1000 years to liberate King Sagara along with his 60,000 sons. King Sagara and his 60,000 sons were the pitri of King Bhagiratha so it was his duty to liberate them from the curse because like his Pitri all the Pitri in this world always has some legitimate expectation from their descendents. King Sagara fullfilled his Pitri’s by liberating them from the curse so we also have that inherent responsibility inside us to liberate our Pitri by fulfilling them. So, His Holiness Kaulantak Peethadheshwara Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji (Ishaputra) the spiritual head of Kaulantak Peeth tradition, the very tradition of the Siddhas has decided to organize the two day sadhana shivir camp on 28th-29th September of this month because Pitri Paksha is approaching and we owe our duties and responsibilities towards our Pitri because the day shall also come when we ourselves become pitri. If we learn the proper system and teach it to our offspring’s, this very tradition will also benefit us in the long run. Many questions would be answered in the shivir about Pitri. Some of the questions that would be answered in the shivir are as follows: 1) What is Pitri? Who are they? 2) Does every human being have Pitri? Do the westerners have Pitri or only the oriental society? 3) The nature of Pitri. 4) The legitimate expectation of them with their descendents and lineage. 5) Why are they specially worshipped at the time of Pitri Paksha? 6) What exactly is Pitri Paksha? 7) Is Pitri in anyway related to paranormal activities? Does Pitri help you achieve prosperity in life? 9) What exactly is Pitri Dosha and its remedies? 10) The concept of Sraddha (ancestral rituals)? 11) The scientific explanation of Pitri and Sraddha? 12) How are animals and birds like dogs and crow related to Pitri? 13) Why are all spiritual and religious work stopped in the time of Pitri Paksha? 14) The various mysteries of Pitri which has been kept secret by the Siddhas?

Sadhaka participating in this initiation must understand the following rules

1) 'Deeksha' or Initiation is a word that means a lot of things. But it primarily implies establishing connection with the Guru. Initiation or 'Deeksha' is of several kinds. A subtle meaning of Deeksha is that if the Guru has done penance and is master of sixty four art forms then the disciple gets some portion of his penance. It is said that Deeksha and Sadhana are like elixirs. But for Deeksha to be effective both Guru and disciple must be eligible and well qualified. Divine spiritual practices or Sadhana and Deeksha shows result when they are taken to extreme. Deeksha is the foundation that takes Dharma forward. From ordinary levels to 'BrahmaPaath', Deeksha has several levels and intensity of forms. It entirely depends on you and your Guru the extent of your experience. The most prevalent yet irrational notion is that Deeksha can transform a man into something greater than ordinary mortals, even make a super man out of man. There is no suffering that cannot be destroyed by Deeksha. Again the rule is same that one must be eligible and of the right spiritual mindset. However the rules for Deeksha emphasises that not all are eligible in this Kaliyuga where men are full of pride and tendency to blame others. When one rises above these traits then such effects of Deeksha are possible. But it is almost impossible in this kaliyuga because Dharma has been reduced to business and cunning people have downed the garbs of Dharma. So there will inevitably be doubt. And thus Deeksha will not be able to give result. This creates a difficult challenge. So one should take 'Prarabdha' as foundation and should pray for qualified Guru and authentic Deeksha. The creator of the world must be aware and worried about your condition as well. Deeksha connects you with invaluable knowledge of Rishis and seers of India. But we request you to not receive Deeksha without thorough evaluation before taking the step towards it. And if your mental state is non conducive then you should stay away from all this. Kaulantak Nath gives many Deeksha knowing that at least seventy percent will be eligible and will develop through Deeksha. If you know spirituality and are eager to connect with subtle forms of Guru and not get attached to the physical form of Guru then you must obtain Deeksha through proper channel as per Dharma. It is not necessary that you believe in ancient Dharma and its traditions. But if you find relevant essence in them then it would be foolish to stay away from them. Therefore only after carefully thinking through and rationally analysing you should decide whether you should take Deeksha or not. Kaulantak Peeth does not threatens you or entices you with promises, neither it forces or inspires you by appealing to your greed, to get some Deeksha. We believe that one who is not afraid to walk difficult path and is of spiritual mindset, will obtain Deeksha through divine will and will accept the path of Siddhas.

2) In reality for taking diksha one is supposed to renounce household living and serve guru for years; gather alms for guru and offer it to guru, worship the holy feet of guru and massage his feet with oil, do his laundry and prepare his bed and resting place etc etc. Never allow any discomfort to come in guru's way. And believe the Guru to be the personal deity (Istha dev) and Shiv. Neither listen to nor indulge in criticizing guru; and deal severely with anybody caught doing such criticism and learn various skills of warfare to handle such situations and at required times use these skills on evil minded people and people who are against Dharma. Respect warrior sadhus and emulate 7siddhas. Follow the path of Guru and knowledge. So, there are various such traits required for diksha but in current day and age, an ordinary person will run away at such requirements. Therefore these things are not possible at present because of change in lifestyle and environment. There is no need to fight because democracy and rule of law protects you and your right to Dharma. Moreover, in present times, people don't even worship the feet of their parents or take care of them in old age, so serving guru is perhaps too much to ask for anyways! If somebody somehow gets about serving Guru then jealous, envious and devious minded people will never be able to digest such acts. So what should be done? Thence, it is sufficient that you have devotional attitude towards Guru, give dakshina/donations as per capacity and request for diksha. If you are poor then make it clear and plead at lotus feet of shree guru. Guru knows your sufferings, he will certainly grace you with his compassion and help out. If you have eligibility for diksha then guru will overlook your situation, age, sex, caste, race, color, nation, health, occupation et al, and will embraces you anyhow. Blessed are those sadhaks who are embraced by Guru and are showered with his love! You should also follow these straight forward rules and then take diksha and move forward on the path of sadhana. It gives us a lot of happiness realizing that the same Guru-disciple relationship is being continued, from the ancient forgone era when the world knew nothing to the present times of darkness. In truth, even though for diksha there are several rules as per scriptures and traditions but for a capable guru all these rules are secondary.

3) About dakshina for diksha, as it has been mentioned earlier that in this yuga, there are not one but several KaalNemis around. Kaalnemi was able to trick even Hanuman jee, so who are us! Night and day there are efforts being made to destroy our dharma and eternal traditions (sanatana parampara). It's gotten so worse that deliberate attempts are made to send such kaalnemis to leaders of dharma in guise of disciples. Therefore, it is our humble request to such kaalnemis to not give any dakshina, nor offer anything or join Kaulantak peeth for any reason...or agree to any of our beliefs. We won't be held responsible to respond to arguments of anybody or organization. For any legal disputes, only Shimla court of Himachal pradesh would be admissible and honoured. All donations, arranging funds, announcements etc are work of Kaulantak Peeth; and not of Kaulantak Peethadhishwar Mahayogi Satyenddra Nath ji. Therefore, all complications will be addressed by some representative of Kaulantak Peeth and some relevant authorized person will handle any legal troubles and that authorized person will only be responsible for any controversy. It is an intense request to all that we really need large corpus of fund for work of Peeth to spread the knowledge of Dharma and other such grand works. However we still say that you don't give anything. Remember dikhsa won't be given free of cost because it is using our time and time of Mahayogi ji. Moreover, it is not simple task to make arrangements for shivir. Mahayogi ji is not bound by rules of Peeth. However we are silent spectator in such cases when out of his own volition and grace Mahayogi ji decides to give dikhsa without any fee to someone. Our effort also involves collecting funds too because our aim is to compile and preserve knowledge of Kaulantak Peethadhiswar, and to work for and spread the culture (sanskriti). At the same time we don't want Mahayogi ji whom we love more than our life to be entangled in worldly disorders. Although for him there is no such thing as disorder as he is adept at sleeping even on thorns, walking on snow and living near fire. He is well used to living on mere alms so what we can worry about such person! But karma proclaims that serving guru is The foundation. That's why we use eligible funds, by requesting all capable sadhaks, in service of guru and dharma as per our intellect. What we do with the donated fund is a personal matter of the Peeth. We don't divulge any information on our spending; which seems completely suspicious. So please donate (or not donate) funds only after carefully deliberation.

4) The primary goal of Kaulantak Peeth is to further develop Sanatana (Eternal way); to nurture and preserve the traditions. We spread the message of Hindu dharma. We firmly believe that Mahayogi ji is a divine avatar. For his divinity we don't support viewpoints of magical acts nor we claim that he is magical. We are disciples and for us guru is embodiment of God, that's why we always praise him. Even though Mahayogi ji says that he still has some shortcomings and is like any ordinary person but Peeth believes that he is a super man, his birth is with a divine purpose and cause, and he has taken birth as per predictions of Siddhas. He took birth to withstand suffering, criticism, insults and to show the right path to human being. He has been sent by his divine masters amongst people to alleviate suffering of the world. He wear veils of Maya and is a supreme siddha. We cannot see his shortcomings and do not even want to know about them because they would be related to gross reality; and we worship his form in his true essence (Tatva). People who oppose him and are conspiring against him keep sending us cooked up stories or lies everyday. We are grateful to them that they spend such amount of their life's crucial moments thinking against Mahayogi ji! But all this will neither affect us nor change our perspective because only we know him intimately and have closely seen his lifestyle. For us he is such a personality whom we want to only love from all direction. That's why we use all sorts of embellishments in singing his glory! You should use your mind and intellect to follow all these things. Our beliefs may be unscientific- and it is at many places, but still we are firm on our views. So take whatever you feel is right from all this; Mahayogi ji is like an infinite ocean. You can't find anybody like him easily. You can believe him to be a guru or Istha dev but keep discriminating mind focused on essence of things. It would really be amazing that even after knowing all this, you still want to associate with Kaulantak Peeth and want to walk the path shown by Mahayogi ji! In that case, 'we' and 'Kaulantak Peeth' welcome you from the heart!

5) It is mandatory to wear Red with yellow border clothes (Kaulachari Vashtra). Red sandalwood maala on neck and for mantra jaap, a small bead rudraksha mala etc. To note down important guidance please keep notebook, pen etc with you. During shivir, personal photography and video recording is completely prohibited. Devices like mobile cellphones etc must be in mute state.

6)Vajra Hanumant Sadhana Initiation Camp will be given only after the donation of INR 11,000 for New Sadhaks and INR 10,000 for old Sadhaks. You can deposit the amount early and obtain the registration serial number. We again request that only those sadhaka and sadhikas should participate who have firm grasp and faith in world of spirituality. This is not a satsang organized for general public. You can use online account for diksha donation. you should keep in mind that you will and only will use this account for deposit and any other account is strictly prohibited. Please follow the rule with strict discipline or else you might loose the opportunity to participate in this sadhana. The account that is authorised by the Peeth is given below:

NOTE: Himachal Pradesh roads are in bad condition. So if anybody is driving their personal vehicle to initiation camp then they should drive very carefully and give and take a pass at safely. They should be cautious that drivers coming from another side might be under the influence of alcohol, so extra precaution must be taken to be safe. Even if one is hiring a taxi or bus then also one should observe the driver carefully and find out if the driver is safe and not intoxicated. Ishaputra Kaulantak Nath has especially given this advice to all students coming to this sadhana initiation camp.

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